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The Observer publishes above announcements free as a service for our subscribers and their immediate families only. The information here is subject to editing for space limitations.

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Observer Policies
The most important thing at the Yankton County Observer is our family of subscribers. For that reason, we don’t charge for services to our subscribers, like many other newspapers do. This should help answer questions you may have.

The Observer does not charge to place obituaries for anyone. However, we do reserve the right to edit any obits for space or to adhere to a standard obituary form.

Letters to the Editor
A local newspaper is about hearing what others have to think and say. But because of limited space, we only print letters from Observer subscribers. (We don’t care as much about what non-subscribers think or say!) Subscribers are welcomed to make their opinions known to us. Letter of 300 words or less have the best chance of being printed. We reserve the right to edit letters, but we will make every effort not to alter the author’s intent. Send your letter to the editor to observer@iw.net.

Engagements, Weddings and Anniversaries
We love to print these types of notices. While we do not charge a fee for this service, again, we only do this for Observer subscribers and their immediate families (parents/children). We like to include pictures here, and depending upon their quality, we try to print them at a width of 4.25 inches. Click here to access the announcement forms. Please include as much information as you can, but be advised that we may have to leave some of it out, depending on space.

As with the above announcements, we are also happy to print notices of “milestone” birthdays. Click here to access the birthday forms.

Birthday Bulletin
One of our most popular features is our Birthday Bulletin. If they have been submitted to us, we print the birthdays of subscribers and immediate family members free of charge. We edit our list every week, and to do that, we compare the last names and towns of those listed with the same names in the same towns on our subscriber list. Fill out our convenient online form to be added to the bulletin listing.

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