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October 24-30, 2014
Vol. 37, No. 43
Yankton, S.D.
His name drawn from a hat thwarted his dad's warnings
Bernell Peterson and wife Audrey consult the history "Bible" in their home - the Wakonda centennial book. In it are articles about the four Peterson brothers and their father who all served in the military. | (Observer photo by Dan Merritt)

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Read all about the happenings from the Yankton area!! Candidates running for Yankton County commission Bodenstedt, Epp, Harper, Jensen, Moore, and Woods. Focus on Farmers Gary Auch. Smooth Benediction a cappella. Yankton launches 1 Million Cups to educate, connect local entrepreneurs.

Hot Flashes with Kristy Wyland. This and That Gloria Lippert. The Good Old Days with Marilyn Kratz. Bank reveals 'Real Men in Pink.' 4-H Junior Leaders vote to donate $900 to Capital Campaign.

Amateur All-Star Braxton Carter. Sport Light Garrett Tennant. . Off the Cuff with Carrie Mastalir. Hunger Games, Hobbit, and a film that could cause war, coming for the holidays.

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Election 2014: Down to the Wire. editorial.

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